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Channeled by Lee Carroll




C S 18-07-16




Kryon  is another excellent source of information.
His style is paced, slow, deliberate, and powerful. 
His online videos are numerous. 
Most are excellent and relevant to life on Earth, today.  

Like every non physical source of information,
Kryon comes through a human filter.
In this case, it's Lee Carroll.

Kryon tells us that he may lie to us, tricks us,
so be aware that
major pieces of the message

may be intentionally left out.  
For an overwhelmingly powerful example of this,
see the channel below titled:

That  is not to find fault.
It's to make you aware that you must assess all teaching
using your own Divine-Self as your guide..

False Teaching of Difficulty: 
One thing that I find Very Counter-Productive is that
Kryon repeatedly tell us that things are difficult.
Difficult or not, this assertion puts difficulty
into the minds of his listeners.   
In other word,
by the universal Law of thought,
he in serious mis-programminghislisteners. 
He is programing his listeners
to believe that things are difficult
when the evidence tells us that
once we understand what and who we are,
many things become incredible simple and easy.

A Simple Alternative: 
This may seem difficult
if you are new student of self awareness,
however, once you learn the basics,
learning what else you need to know
will be relatively simple,

False Teaching About Human Nature
Another false assertionfrom kryon is that humans
are war-like, self-centered, and
prone to violence.
That is pure bullshit
Kryon could not tell us the truth because if he had done so,
leeCarroll would have been murdered by agent of evil. 
Here's the truth about the nature of humanity.
Rather than deliberately lying to us,
simply ignoring the topic would be much more wise alternative.
Here is the source of war, violence, and destruction.

Out of necessity for his own survival, Lee and kryon
both completely ignore a vital piece of information
that makes a big difference in human understanding.

Because the cosmic energy has dramatically changed and
the evil ones are being systematically eliminated,
It's time for this additional piece of truth
to be openly told to the people.

Here's the missing truth
Humanity has lived in a invisible evil-controlled prison
for about 25,000 years

The first channeling that we assess below
will demonstrate this deception.

And one other suggestion:
On the Internet, all video listings
refer to the date of publication.
Publication date is deceptive, confusing
and all but completely  useless.
The simple solution is for every presenter, not just Kryon,
to state the date of the recording is being made
at the beginning of each session.    





C S 18-07-16








See the page titled Innate~ for more on Innate

///   ///   ///
Where can you find Kryon?

How can you contact us?




C S 18-07-16





Kryon Gives The Secret to Ascending Fast
and Manifesting Everything You Desire
- YouTube 19:21

Future Potentials
KRYON 2018 September - Last Time To Make A Decision! - YouTube
Kryon talks about eight major changes coming soon.  
1    Major changes in spiritual systems
2   Major changes in news and entertainment.  From  drama to informative
3   No overpopulation
4   Alternate  sources of energy
5   New sources of fresh water
6   Integrity and fairness freedom in all things
7   The demise of big farma
8   The End of War

KryonTeaches Exactly How to Instruct Your Cells to Heal - YouTube

Reviewed 19 Aug 2018
Kryon tells us that Innate is programmed to believe
that short lives are the path to human enlightenment.

Turn on your brain for a moment.
What does logic tell us?  
What does the evidence tell us.?
Which is more likely to produce Enlightenment,
Short lives or long lives?
The functional energy of survival is a long life in a healthy body
The present programming is defective.  Why?

Who Programmed the Innate?
For the past 25,000 years,
humanity has been secretly controlled  by evil beings.~
They programmed Innate.

Evil programmed humans for short lives
to prevent the wisdom of the elders from
waking up the younger generation.

Evil's Logic:  
Humans spend a lifetime learning. 
The elders are the wise ones,
so lets kill as many elders as we can
and make them come back
in a mindless empty baby body
and start all over again.

Using our standard method of reversing everything,
lets reverse program the innate and
tell it to kill the oldest humans
because that will trigger enlightenment.  

Then, we mind manipulate the children
before they reach the age of reason
so that they are so dumbed down that
they will not realize that innate even exist and that
we have their innate programmed backwards.

Our Human Solution:

My mind is now clear.  
When called  upon to think,
I think clearly, accurately, logically, systematically. 
I am now aware of thing that I preciously did not know.

I now realize that all of humanity
has been secretly enslaved by evil.~
The evil ones  used lies, illusions, false beliefs, and much more 
to control my behavior to serve them at my own expense. 

Almost everything we have been taught
for our entire lives
is a Cabal-orchestrated lie.

Kryon tell us the we can simply drop
(let go of)  all old programming
Consciousness Is King.  
We are God-Beings.
See the definition of Innate, below. 

The Human Path to enlightenment









Kryon refers to innate as the Smart Body. 
It's part of each beings Akash. 
Akash is a record of every life you have ever lived.
It's a library of your talents and your wisdom.

Innate is the non-physical beingness of
trillions of DNA molecules acting collectively as a single unit.
For each one of us,
and Innate
are all part of a single unit of conscioiusness.

Innate is the spirit of the intelligence of biology.
Innate is what we talk to when we do muscle testing. and kenesiology

To heal our bodies , we change our beliefs and reprogram innate
Llove All aspects of self,
Why?  Because we are all one being.

You, as a personality self are granted free will, thus
you can speak to your Innate and it will respond,
providing you Llove yourself and
providing you speak with complete sincerity

We simply drop the old false programming.
We can each reprogram our own innate. 

<> Innate---Define-Innate




C S 18-07-16





Kryon  -- Your connection to God
YouTube    36:02

Reviewed 17 Aug 2018
About filters that
control our lives and
interfere with your connection to God.

1*   What we learned as young children. 
     Our social conditioning from parents, siblings
      friends, school, church, etc.
      As a child, did you here this line:  "What will they think?"
       It's time to leave behind all 3d opinions and
       a huge dung pile of false teachings.

2*   What you learn about God as a child.
      What you believe today about God.
      The biggest lie was that humans were separate from God.

3*   Gender Filter   
      Masculine tends to be harder, controlling,
       sometimes even blunt or harsh, etc. 
      Feminine   tends to be soft, gentle, Lloving, Compassionate,
      Attracting, and magnetically vibrating Llove.
       Our human nature is to automatically reach to the feminine.

      In what gender do you see God?  
       God expresses itself to humanity
       in its feminine form.
       Mother and  Llover-Goddess are just two of her forms.

4*   Logic Filter
      The intelligence Filters by
       Judging and having opinions
      regarding just about everything
      Most of what you think you know  "Just ain't so?"

5*   Professional filter
      Comes from training about technical stuff.
       Most of 3d science is a fraud. 
       Here's an example.

///   ///   ///

     The filters below are NOT on Kryon's list

Most of the topics listed below
come from the Cabal controlled invisible prison
that humanity has lived in fo the past 25,000 years.

6*   Guilt, Fear, and anger filter
      What have we been taught that causes us to feel
      frustration, guilt, fear, anger,
       and a whole raft of other negative, self-limiting emotions.


7*   Low self esteem . Negative emotional response to criticism.
       This is a self-worth issue.


8*   Sexual Filters:    All the lies you were told abut sex.
      For example:  Being in the sate of Orgasm
       is the most perfect alignment a human can get to God
       and still be in a physical body.


Add to 4* & 5* Above   
Believability    It's Impossible.   
Don't go there.     Don't do that.
Stop asking questions, just believe. 

Our minds have been programmed to believe that
anything that does not have a physical form does not exist.

We been mind-manipulated to respond to anything
that does not fit into our exiting belief system,
It's impossible. 
In religion it takes the form of:
"Don't listen to anything that questions our church doctrine. 
If you do, you could lose your faith and burn in hell forever."


9*   Fears, Compulsions, Mindless behavior. 
      How much of your life do you live mindlessly?
      How much is by:
      Can't, Wont, Don't touch, Don't go there, 
     The government will take care of that,
       Ofcource it's true.  I saw it on television.  
       Our spiritual leader told me.
       Nice girls don't do that.  Now, go wash your hands
       I'm the innocent victim here,
       Because it's_____ day  We do this every ___ day.
       Normalcy Bias?  I don't know what that means
             and I don't care to know  

       I don't have time to meditate.
       What s in it for me?
       Thank God it's Friday.  
       Wednesday is Hump day  (mid-work-week).
       Why did I do that?  Because I needed the money.
       Life sucks, and then you die.
       Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
       Don't forgive,  Get even.    Sweet revenge.

      Should,    Must,    Aught to,    Have to,
       Shouldn't have Done it,
       Can't be any other way,
       Here's what's wrong
       Here's why that won't work,
       What will they think?
             Don't worry, humans don't think.

       Never thought about that before?


10*  The Biggest Lie in All of Creation
     Humans are separation from God. 

       Separation from nature.
       Separation from your fellow humans (fellow god-Beings).
       Unity/Oneness is the core of creation. 
       We are all parts, pieces aspects of the one God,
       like all our body cells are part of a single human being. 
      It's the Law of Correspondence
       expressing itself at a higher level.


11*  False belief in scarcity.  
      Humans are God-Beings.~
      We are Great Creators.~
      We live in an a Holographic Universe.~
       Scarcity is impossible.


12*   False belief that humans are
      powerless victims of their external circumstances.

        Bovine feces.   by another name.
        Humans are God-Beings.~
       We are Great Creators.
       We live in an a Holographic  Universe.
       We have the power of God.
       Why?    Because we are god-beings,
       Collectively we are God.
       What more could you ask for than that?


13*   Belief that violence solves problems.

14*   Your sheyitt- filled lives.

///   ///   ///

It's Possible to get beyond all of the above.
To do so, takes commitment, patience,  and leaning
Here's the place to start: 
Secret One of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
You'll be guided into the release process from there.

The Filters Between You and God




C S 18-07-16





.Kryon Gives Powerful Affirmations
That Will Command Your DNA to Activate Mastery - YouTube
DNA and  the end of Karma    minute 8:45   to minute 

Review:  20 Aug 2018
Consciousness Is King
Each human is in total control of his or her life. 
For our entire lives, it seemed otherwise
and we stayed stuck. 
But that was then.
This is now
*   We have stepped out of the Cabal Controlled
     invisible prison of lied, illusions and false beliefs~
*   We've learned to  Trust Ourselves.~
*   We've learned, understand and now  Live by the Rules of Reality.~
*   We've learned to  Trust the Universal Laws.~
*   We now realize how powerful we are.  We are Great Creators~
*   We have been mind manipulated to believe we are powerless.

Requirements for success:
      First:   Self Llove
      Second:   Self forgiveness

      Third:  Declare yourself free of karma.  
     Karma is part of the old 3d Sheyitt that
      the Cabal Criminals programmed into ur minds.

      Forth:  Declare yourself~ to be the God-Being
      that you really are.

The fastest and easiest path
into freedom and Fifth Dimension Consciousness
is by learnig
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

Command your DNA to Activate Mastery




C S 18-07-16




Genesis Cells
Kryon Teaches How to Start Using Your Upgraded DNA to Manifest Your Perfect Life [VIDEO] Galactic Connection  28:06
Reviewed 18 Aug 2018
Old Soul- rejuvenation    with instructions.
Minute 17:00 to End 

From below the video on YouTube:
"Kryon discusses the massive process of
upgrading the DNA of old souls on the planet."

"The grids are ready and the planet
is in the right position to accept these energetic changes."

"Kryon explains why those who put in the time and effort
will start benefiting from these upgrades immediately."

"Kryon also discusses the children of the future
who will be born with these upgrades build in
and how they will create a peaceful planet"

Genesis Cells




C S 18-06-22




God Is Inside of EVERY human Being
Kryon 2018 - Going Back to Get the Future - YouTube  47:31
Listen to minute 02:09 to minute 10:00

Review 20 Aug 2018
Jesus told us we are Gods.
Psalms 82:6~    John 10:34, 35~     Isaiah 41:23      

The oldest, known  Earth religion,
 Hinduism tells us God is inside of us.
Jesus of Christianity says God is inside of us.
Christian theology says:
God is     All Present,    All Knowing,     All Powerful
God is inside of every human being

Jesus tells us that anything he did
we can do and more.    John 14:12
Every Major teacher on all of human history
has given us the same message: God is inside of us.
Kryon, in the above channeling, tells us still again,
God is inside of you.
What does it take for you to
get your head our of your ass and 
wake up to the truth

Jesus told us:  God and He (Jesus)  are inside of you. 
Jesus was and still is is one expression of
Christ/God Consciousness.
You are another expression of God
You are fist and foremost God-Consciousness.
Your divine nature naturally expresses itself as Llove.
Find yourself in the First of the
Seven Lost Secrets of LLove









Kryon 2018 July - Stand Up And Go There Now
YouTube      38:59
Kryon describes how to communicate with
our body's DNA,  (your  cellular structure.)  
This system is also known as "Innate".

First, he explains old ways  
and beginning at minute 15:00, he  explains the new way.

"The only instructions that Innate will hear
are the ones given through the divine complement
of human consciousness
directly with pure intent to it."

Pure intent   =   Llove self completely      entangled as one
We talk to innate any way we choose to
because, for each of us,  Innate is part of us.   
We are all one..
We must speak from intense pure Llove
for ourselves, for our body, for God, and for each other.
We must Llove our cellular structure enough to say I Llove you.

Speak to Innate in terms of end result.
Do not tell it what to do. 
Innate's job is in the doing. 
Our jobs are:
      To choose excellent health.
      To get out of the way.
      To focus on Llove.~

We are awakening  the bridge between
human consciousness and our body's cellular structure.

We each declare: 
I know what it feels like to live in a healthy body.
I declare and I feel that:
      I am in Llove with the Divine part of myself.

Speak to your Divine structure.
Dear cellular structure:
*   I am pleased that we know each other.  
*   I Llove you.
*   I'm sorry it took so long for me to figure out,
     how to communicate with you.
*   Let us now come together in Divine  benevolence.

Dear Innate     DNA       Cellular Structure:
*   Go into the processes that you know about and that I don't know.
*   Create health and a long-lasting human being.
*   Talk to me in whatever  ways you can so that I can recognize.
*  I choose to keep a clear open connection between us
    for the rest of my life in this physical body.
*   If there are any inappropriateness and/ or imbalances
     in my body I want it to go away
     through time and appropriate action.
*   I realize that I have habits that are damaging my body.
     I want them to change.
*   Adjust my body weight into an ideal relationship
      between body height and body weight.
*   Let there be balance in every aspect of my life.

*   I choose that my cellular structure
     be in perfect alignment with my magnificence.
*   Change whatever requires changing.
*   Whatever else  is needed,
     find more pieces for health and for change in the akashic records.
*   Change my diet as necessary.
*   Let the body know about and crave
     what it needs for excellent health.
*   Let us live together in Balanced Divinity
     where innate and human consciousness
    are in perfect alignment with each other.
*   I commit myself to this transformation.
*   I commit myself to talk to you each day.

The body takes time to heal.  
Healing will occur at the rate at which
body-cells reproduce them selves.

Remember, I Llove you
May I sing you a song?

Stevie Wonder I Just Called To Say I Love You
YouTube       6:23

How does it make you feel to know that we,
DNA/ Innate /your body's cellular structure
human consciousness
are Divine partners deeply in Llove with each other?

Address of this topic:    





C S 18-06-22





.Freedom:   I am in control of my own reality
I am in control of my beingness, my body, my life

Kryon Teaches Lightworkers How to Stop Aging in Detail -
YouTube   42:08 ~
Reviewed  17 August 2018

Comment about this video
You are a God-Being.
You are in a Multi-Sensory Holograph.

I drop my Karma, I declare it to be gone.
I have dropped my Karma,
I simply declared it to be gone.

I declare that I am Ageless.  
I declare that my body is ageless.
Do not speak of my body age in 3d years

I talk to my own cellular structure (Innate / DNA) 
It listens to me because I am the Boss.
I affirm who I am,
what is happening,
and what is to be done.
I then step/move out of the way and allow

I practice being a God-Being~
Why?   Because I am a God-Being 
God is inside of me.
I am inside of God.
Collectively, we are God

Suffering is  a man-made illusion.  
I hereby drop  suffering
I now set myself up for Joy-Fun-Llove-Fahzoom

I hereby remove my old 3d
    fear of enlightenment..
3d conscious people condemned anyone with
      expanded consciousness
I am now in 5d which honors,
      respects and appreciates my beingness

I speak now to Akash,
to Higher Self,
to Innate,
to every aspect of my corporeal (physical) structure, 
to every cell in my body.

Listen carefully, 
The old fear of enlightenment is gone. 
Those around me are also Self-Aware,
thus, I am now in an energy field that supports me.
My Spiritual Family is pure and forever.
I am now free and ready to move forward
into full cosmic consciousness.
My process of self-Discovery is
Speeding up dramatically.

Thank You.
Signed Sincerely  
               Just Llove       Robert   &   AumFahZoom
















Science for creating Electric Power.
Science for creating Fresh Water
Kryon 2018 April - Be READY FOR BIG CHANGES IN OUR LIFE IN 2018 - YouTube

Kryon 2018 July - The Money You Need - YouTube
***   Celebrations:  4:00   to    5:50
        "There is no greater healing emotion
          on the planet
          than Laughter and Celebration."

***    The Physics of Consciousness    6:45   to    14:12
***    Quantum Defined  12:00

Kryon 2018 July - Beginning The New History ! - YouTube ~
Multiple topics:
   DNA    Minute   7:00
   Who and what is God? - Who an what are you?     16:00 
   Walk in      36:50
   Soul mates   40;:40 
        Pieces of Self in more than one body

Kryon - This Summer Will Change The World 2018 May -
YouTube   36:52

Kryon - Don't Save Money If You Don't Need 2018 April - YouTube
Healing My Bod by tanking  the body and seeing/ feeling heal

DNA Related
Kryon Teaches How to Heal Your Body
With Cellular Communication

Kryon Teaches Lightworkers How to Stop Aging in Detail -
YouTube   42:08

History and Future of Humanity      
Kryon - Smashing Time | 2017 October |

Kryon Reveals How to Remove The Barrier
That Keeps Your Body From Hearing Instructions - YouTube

Kryon Explains the Significance of Seeing 11:11
and Educates Us on Using Numerology - YouTube   41:01

Kryon Talks about the power of Collective Consciousness:     

Wake Up to Who and What I Am
Kryon 2018 - Connecting to the Quantum Self - YouTube
From  minute   33:00    to   47:50

Kryon Reveals How to Remove The Barrier
That Keeps Your Body From Hearing Instructions - YouTube

Kryon Describes What Reality is Like
When You Aren't in a Human Body - YouTube

Kryon 2017 - What Awaits in year 2018 - YouTube

Kryon Explains How Honoring The God Inside
Gives You Ultimate Power Over Dark Circumstances -

Kryon Teaches How to Release Your True Creative Potential
From Your Akashic Records

Kryon 2017- Is Coming (new)

Kryon     Heal with Cellular Communication


Science for creating Electric Power.
Science for creating Fresh Water

Kryon 2018 April - Be READY FOR BIG CHANGES IN OUR LIFE IN 2018 - YouTube

Here's still Another Description.    
Kryon Gives Profound Information on
How to Instruct Your Body to Reverse Aging    

And another:
Kryon Reveals What it Takes to Reach Your Higher Self
and Channel Personal Solutions From Spirit     

Kryon Teaches Lightworkers How to
Pull New Skills From Their Akashic Records.

<> More-Kryon-Channels




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