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Concept Summary  



Why We Are Here:                                                  Why We Are Here

Our mission is multi-fold.

The TLC-Life-Center Team~ 
is creating the very first     
Encyclopedia / Search Engine
of Fifth Dimension Consciousness.~

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Our intention is to provide a connection network,
through which  people who are or choose to
Fifth Dimension Conscious Beings
can connect with others of like-mind.

We begin with this Internet website

Find descriptions of  Our Vision,    
Our Mission
     Our Intentions    below on this page  
Adding content to this site is in its very early stages.

***   If you are looking for a business, social,
personal, and/or romantic relationship

with someone whose focus is also in or reaching for
full Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
this is the place for you.  

***  We are here to connect people
seeking products and/or services
related to 5d consciousness with the people
who offer such products and/or services.  

***   We are here to provide a place
where those selling products and/or services
that assist in reaching 5d consciousness 
can easily be found by their potential customers.   

***   We are here to help those
seeking to participate in
the new 5d social structure called
Service to All. 

<><><>   <><><>  

Let us show you
the amazing, powerful, joy-filled,
Fifth Dimension way
that you can
begin being of service today.
You can even begin where you are right now.  

It's very easy and very joyful.
You can do this at home,
with family, with friends , or alone. 
You can do this while walking, running, or standing still,
while kneeling, while sitting and even while lying down
You can do  this anywhere and any-when  you choose.    

And it's outside of the obsolete,
3d world of money and time.  (no money involved)
You can find the 5d way to be of service at

also at  

***   We are here as guides, way showers,
role models,  and fellow students, all 
seeking to eventually reach full 
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.    

***  We are here
To Llove each other's beingness.  
To maximize each others effectiveness,
To amplify each other's joy, and
To spread
Llove and FahZoom (joy feelings) 
among the light-workers.    

<><><> <><><>

What We Are NOT Here For                     What We Are NOT Here For
We are NOT here to control, direct, organize
or otherwise interfere with the thousands of beings

who are already self aware.

A self-directed being needs
nothing outside of him or herself
in order to do what he or she does.  
Being in the non-physical world is normal for them.  
They are already connected with each other.   

If you are such a fully aware 5d being
and are presently living in a physical body
and if you choose to become more well-known
to others also in physical form,
then, list your contact information with us so that
others may find you and your services.  

Also, if you choose to find
friend,      companion,    or     Llover,
you'll very likely find him or her here:   

      Looking for People of
      Like Mind   

Concept Summary     .



Describing the Context:                             Describing the Context

R. R.


What Are the Present Conditions and Circumstances  

First, understand that this vitally needed service
was completely absent until
the TLC-Life-Center Team created
5d People to People Connection Services.

The potential here is new 
and is now growing exponentially. 
Even only two years  ago,
this service would not have been a viable undertaking.  

Few people understand
the incredible power and potential of
working as teams and supporting each other.
This understanding is also rapidly changing  

Another factor is that
once we wake up to who and what we really are
we simply no longer want to relate,
personally or businesswise,
with people or businesses still stuck in the very limited
third dimension consciousness.  

Our job is to reach out to those still stuck in 3d thinking. 
Our Job is to inspiring them into the realization that
all of u are actually eternal, non-physical God-Beings
having a human experience

Our job is to expose  the truth to all willing to
see,  hear, experience, and know The Truth:  

All of us have have been tricked into
believing a huge network of lies

We are now in the wake up process

Here's How the Universe actually functions

The best way to wake people up
is for us to work with each other in teams. 

TLC-Life Center
is one of those teams

This website is one of our tools   

Present Conditions and CircumstancesP



Compare Relationships -- Third D  to  Fifth D



Expose the Differences  

Third Dimension    VS     Fifth Dimension   


Third D.  
Living in Third D, relationships exist in a context
that is obsolete, dysfunctional,
and based on lies, illusions, and false beliefs.

The third dimension consciousness 
is the world of duality,
the world of  relationships in which
conflict overpowers harmony.

Social structures are secretly controlled
by cabal criminals. 
Education is based on  the illusion of
    1)   separation from God,
    2)   separation from nature, and
    3)   separation from our fellow humans. 

The common belief is that  
God either does not exist
or that he is an angry, fickle vengeful, violent,
mass-murdering  super human being
who lives in the sky. 

Consciousness is right-brained mental, all head,
no heart, no feelings, no emotions.
God is masculine and rules by threats of violence.
Emotions are for women and weaklings.  

Women have three roles,
sexual services, creating babies,
and being servants to men. 

Sex is physical experience only,
filled with shame, guild, and riddled with fear.  

Money or lack of money rules most peoples lives. 
People believe in secrecy, scarcity  and service to self.  

What one wants is impossible,
what is (present circumstances) suck,
someone else is in control, and
life can't be any other way. 
Most people are not even aware that they hold these beliefs.

To most people, all this is considered to be normal.  
In 3d consciousness,
connections with other people are weak 
and relationships are usually short-lived.  

Most relationships that last are dysfunctional at best
and often either boring or pain-producing. 
Sex is often completely absent. 


Fifth D.   
The first, and most obvious difference is that in 5d
we relate to each other as fellow God-Beings.   

We wakeup to and soon  realize our true nature.  
We are nonphysical, eternal God-Beings
having a human experience on Earth
in physical bodies in a Holographic Universe

Separation is an illusion.          
Everyone and everything and everyone
are all part of a single, unified being.  

Everything is consciousness
expressing itself as vibrating energy.  

We, as seemingly separate beings,
experience ourselves in physical form in
Source/ Creator/ Gods-Goddess's
Cosmic Holograph

Everything exists in the context of Llove.  
We realize that humans
are inherently kind, compassionate, 
Lloving, and generous beings.  

The heart rules everything.  
This is particularly obvious
in human-to-human relationships.  

In 5d, sex in its physical form
is a mystical, spiritual divine experience
of two God-Bings experiencing Gender-Blending.  
Gender blending is  masculine and feminine
each also becomes the other. 
together they are blended into one, single, unified being.   

Being Gender-Blended  is our
natural, normal, non-physical state of being.  

Once we realize that we are God-Beings,
abundance quickly becomes infinite. 
Scarcity and money disappear. 
Rulers, politicians, and lawyers become all but extinct
External control become unnecessary.  
Freedom is boundless and so are humans.  


If a human in Fifth Dimension Consciousness
attempts to create a close, personal relationship
with a person still living in
third dimension consciousness,
failure is inevitable.    




Compare        Compare  



The Service-to-Self, Hidden Agenda    

Service to All,  God's Agenda:              



Compare Relationships --  Third D to Fifth D 
Copy at:     k-relationships.htmll



R. R.

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