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C S 18-06-22


  A-a-A.       B-b-B            C-c-C          D-d-D-
  E-e-E         F-f-F          G-g-G          H-h-H 
       J-j-J           K-k-K          -L-l-L
    M-m-M          N-n-N        O-o-O        P-p-P/Q
  R-r-R            S-s-S          T-t-T         U-u-U
  V-v-V            W-w-W           X-x-X-        Y/Z-z-Z




Original page of words and wording and definitions:

Definitions  A-a-A  through   B-b-B  

Abundance            Abundance
 www Address:

Streaming Films, Original Interviews, Yoga & Fitness | Gaia
The Abundance Code is a series of
three 30-minute documentaries featuring
17 of the world's top thought leaders in the field of abundance.

The three key lessons from the films are:
*   Abundance is a state of being not a state of having.
*  Abundance is something we do together.
*   Abundance is created in our lives
     when we place a high value on being of service
     in everything that we do.


Also see the opposite of Abundance
Definition of:  Scarcity   
WWW  Address:

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Aquarius  --  The Age-of-Aquarius    Age-of-Aquarius
The Age of Aquarius is the time when
Llove and abundance is here for everyone..
It's the   "time when humanity takes control of
the Earth and its own destiny as its rightful heritage,
with the destiny of humanity being
the revelation of truth and the expansion of consciousness

*   Ask   Asking 
To ask is to express a request something desired..
   <> The successful way to ask
       is to vibrate in harmony with
        whatever you are asking for.
   <>   Imine how you will feel when your desire
        is already fully manifested.
   <>   Feel a deep sense of gratitude
        for what you already have and for
         that which is your current, strongest desire.
   <>   The quickest, most powerful,
         easiest way to receive Llove
         is o focus your point of attention on
         Giving Llove.

<><><><>   <><><><>   <><><><>

B-b-B       B-b-B

Belief Box
We are all prisoners of our beliefs

Big-Pharma         Big-Pharma
arge pharmaceutical companies
considered especially as a politically influential group

*   Big Pharma Big Money - Documentary On Big Pharmaceutical Companies Corruption - YouTube  2:56:16

*   Why the drug industry has to change | VPRO Documentary - YouTube   45:01

*   Brain Wave:
An internal Frequency
Synonyms:   Body wave,   Cell wave, DNA wave
Brain wave is a measure of how fast your physical self is vibrating.


Bready      A Bready
is a measure of
exchange value
in the new, Organic Community Garden System

is a newly coined word far a basic unit of wealth.
It's the value of a 24 ounce, Loaf of bread.
It's use is limirted to the early stages of
the Organic Community Garden Support Network system.
In relation to other goods and services,
its value is stable.
Why?  Because it's value and use are determined
directly by We-The-People.
It's value cannot be manipulated or
artificially inflated by the banking criminals.
Also, it's a domestic use only  measure of value.

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C S 18-06-22

Definitions  C-c-C     



*   Cabal Criminal Bankers          Site-16


*   Challenge   --> Opportunity       

Problem / Challenge / Opportunity / Possibility / Discovery /  
New Knowledge / Resolutions / Solutions /
Growth / Expansion, / Wisdom / Self-Confidence.

Coaching is asking for and receiving  guidance
in becoming someone  and/or  doing something
that your coach has already mastered
at a level you have ye to each.

<><><><>   <><><><>   <><><><>

*   Cognitive Dissonance:
Holding two conflicting ideas at the same time.

When we hear an expression of Cognitive Dissonance
from those who claim to know something that we don't
there are three possibilities:
They are either lying to us or  they are stupid
or they are victims of mind control.

An example:
The evidence points to the conclusion that
most third dimension leaders 
have been promoted in their career
until the reach their level of incompetence. 
i.e.  They are incapable of doing their present job
so they are not promoted again,
and there they sit doing a lousy job.
This is called
The Peter-Principle

The Law of Correspondence tell us
that the same principle plies in other areas,
such as  with those who claim their own Godhood.

*   Message one: 
     *   Humans are pieces, parts, aspects of and
     expressions of Prime Creator
     aka     Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.
     *   We are each a God-Being, with all the powers of God,
     There is no power in the universe greater than us.

*   Message Two:
     Because of the excessive suppression of humanity
     by the evil ones,
     a special dispensation was allowed and
     the universal prime directive was allowed to be violated
     so that Earth human could receive assistance.
*   Question:
     Who or What  made that decision? 
     Are we dealing with the real Prime Creator?

*   Question
    Was all this sheyitt created
     by those so incredibly stupid
     that  they allowed
     the disease called AI and Draco reptilians
     to run wild to 30,000 years,
     kidnaping, torturing, raping, and murdering humans?

      ***   Claims are expressed that to interfere with evil
     would violate the Prime Directive.
      BULLSHIT ! ! ! !
     ***   Does it take 30,000 years to get the message
      that such behavior is UNACCEPTABLE

      ***   Only an idiot would wait 30,00 years
     and stop disease  only when
     disaster was imminent,  
     only when they, themselves, would be next in line to be  
      kidnaped, tortured raping, and murdered
if they did not interfere?

     Common sense tells if you catch a disease,
     kill it immediately
     before it gets so strong that it kills you.

*   Question:     
     Who created this Prime directive?
          With every law there is:
          *   the creator, 
          *   the administrator and 
          *   the interpreter.
          Whomever created this mess
           proclaimed themselves to be  all three.

          Who is responsible for the consequences of allowing
          Draco reptilians to run wild to 30,000 years,
          kidnaping, torturing, raping, and murdering humans

          Stupidity has its limits.
          Those limits have been dramatically exceeded.
          As representatives of We-The-People of Planet Earth,
          we speak to the creator of all this Sheyitt, we say
         "After you get rid of the sources of the evil disease,
         (Cabal,   Drako Reptilians   AI,, and all other of their kind)
          After you end the bullshit called secrecy,
          YOU ARE FIRED.!   
          You are out of a job.   Go home and leave us alone.

          Fifth Dimension consciousness
          is now the new rules of reality.
          In 5th D., there are no secrets.
          AFTER, and only after you you have
          cleaned  up your own  act,
          you are welcome to rejoin us.

<><><><><   <><><><>

     "The quality of being logical land consistent."
      Working together in harmony, as a unified whole

*   Context -- The Universal Law of Context      S-16
A major universal principle. 
If you do not already understand it, LEARN  IT

*   Correspondence  The Universal Law of Correspondence
A major universal principle. 
If you do not alrewdy understand it, LEARN  IT
     ///   ///

Cosmic Awareness

See:  Self-Awareness

<><><><>  <><><><>   <><><><>

Definitions   D-d-D     D-d-D

*   DNA
DNA acts like a tuning fork and resonates (vibrates)
to exactly match the energy transduced into it.
DNA is composed of cells,
which are composed of molecules
which are composed of atoms
which are composed of quantum particles

called electrons and protons,

<><><><>   <><><><>   <><><><>

Definitions    E-e-E     E-e-E

*   Electric Universe:
We live, move, and experienceour being
(experience ourselves)
inside of an electric Universe.
Everything that appears to be physical is a simulation
and exists inside of
Source/ Creator/ God/ Goddess's Cosmic Holographic Universe.

*   Entropy              Entropy
Entropy is a measure of disorder.
High entropy is disorder, chaos, confusion.
The first law of thermodynamics,  
     also known as Law of Conservation of Energy,
     states that energy cannot be created or destroyed
     in an isolated system.
*   The second law of thermodynamics
    states that the entropy of any isolated system
  always increases.

End of E-e-EE_




C S 18-06-22

Definitions  F-f-F   Through  H-h-H  



*   Faith    F-f-F
"Complete trust or confidence in someone or something"
synonyms: trust, belief, confidence, conviction, credence, ...

"Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion,
based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof"
 synonyms: religion, church, sect, denomination, persuasion

*   Fifth Dimension  5th D.  Gama level
Vibrates at 40 to 100 Hts.
     Sixth Dimension  6th D.  Landa level
     Vibrates at 100 to 200 Htz.
     Heaven,  Nirvana,  Bliss, Ecstasy,  Oneness,  Stillness,
    Zero point, Zero field
In 5th D., one iaable to do incredible things with very litle energy

*   Focus Wheel      
Focus wheel:   Find something that is annoying,
something out of alignment, and from  that place,
move into what I am appreciating about that topic.

*   Focus Wheel
Abraham Hicks - Sexual Energy is the Most Powerful Energy -
YouTube   35:21
Focus Wheel begins at minute 22:00  to minute 35;21.

The Focus Wheel Technique
take a person
from  powerlessness, desperation, frustration, confusion
to  Joy, freedom and Llove
one step at a time. 
Why slowly? 
Because to jump from the bottom to the top
is too big of a jump.
Using a focus wheel is
taking the path of least resistance

*   Forgiveness

A milk, ice cream, a fruit and/or syrup,
beaten together in a mixer
 until everything is thoroughly mixed,
to produce a thick dairy drink.

Commercially, this drink has been replaced by
what is called called a milkshake   ( or shake)
which is a pre-mixture of milk, flavoring, and sugar
Soft frozen to produce an icy drink.

Frog-Consciousness               Frog-Consciousness
Frog Consciousness relates to the behavior of a frog.
When put in hot waterthe frog will immediately hump out
Wen put in cool water and the water is slowly heated,
The frog will not jump out as the wateris heated.
It will sit there nddo nothinguntill the hw waterkills the frog

 Related terms:
          Normalcy bias
          Victim Consciiusness

*   Here and Now
Here and Now is a never-ending moment by moment
awareness of and expression of
the ever-changing Unity' Wholeness/ Oneness.

You have no center.   You are everything. 
You are beyond everywhere in the space of no space and no time.
With no center,  no ends, no inside, no outside

Experience as yourself as
an intimate piece, part, aspect,, and expression of
The All,  The Oneness,  The I Existness, 
Eexperience being I am.  
Experience your beingness. 
Celebrate your beingness.
Feel the feelings, called Llove,
Compassion, Caring,  Sharing, Forgiveness,,
Gratitude and appreciation
Just be,   with no attachment to the imagined self.

*   Hertz  Htz.
Rate of Vibration in cycles per second.

*   Holograph:
Source/ Creator/ God/ Goddess's Cosmic Holographic Universe.
Everything that appears to be an objective, external world that we come along and experience is actually a holographic representation of something  that appears to by physically real.

*   Human-Christos---Story-and-Index      .



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C S 18-06-22




Every one of us has an Idiot-Quotient,

Every one of us has something at which
we are competent or at which we excel 
other things regarding which
we know little or nothing.

Many of us  have the mental challenge
of not being able to distinguishing between the two.

If there is something / anything about which
you think you know all you need to know,
that's an area where your idiot  quotient
makes you a slave to your own ignorance.

For example,
based on the evidence that I am aware of,
here is my assessment of President Trump.
He is
*   a third dimension Genius  
*   a Fifth-Dimension Idiot.
Examine the evidence            ADD LINK

Take a moment and ask yourself,
where is my ignorance keeping me
in my self-managed belief-box / belief -prison.

All of us, as young children, were  mind-manipulated and
we are now stuck in a Caba
Sheyitt-Consciousness-Prison     of lies and illusions

Our primary job as adults, is to get out of prison
That's where this book,
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness~
will take you,
only if you make the effort o learn
The Rules of Reality~
and learn
how the Fifth Dimension functions.~

Quotient  =  proportion,   measure,  amount,  share,   percentage

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*   Section title:     .Idiot-Quotient.     .....
*   Section Address:     .
.     .....



C S 18-06-22


*   Infinity:


*   Inflation:
    The Supply-Demand-Price Relationship.
Here's Inflation in 13 words:
Increasing the money supply
reduces the value of money already in circulation

Each time the criminal bankers inserted
 more fiat (make believe)  money into the nation's economy,
the newly inserted money stole it's value
from the money already in the economy.
Thus, The price did not really rise, 
The value of the already existing money decreased.
This make believe, unsolvable mystery   is called inflation.

make believe it's impossible to solve problem is
    What Causes

    the Boom and Bust Cycles
     in the US Economy?

Again we'll go to a basic fundamental, economic principle..
For clarity of understanding, we'll use an automobile analogy.

Imagine you have a fully functioning automobile,
and I take out a spark plug wire.
Your have a limp-along automobile
that has ceased to function any way near its full potential.
How do we solve this problem,
You put the missing piece back in.

The same principle applies to the American economy.
We have a perfectly functional economy
with one essential ingredient intentionally taken out
The Money supply has been taken out.
We simply have to put it back in.

Since the bankers took over control of
the US monetary system  in 1913,
they have been regularly manipulating
the nation's money supply.  

Remember when Bill Clinton became President.
The bankers  put the missing money back into the economy
and the nation boomed with prosperity.
We even had an economic surplus.

Then, George Bush Jr. became president.
The bankers  took money back out the economy
and the nation experienced another serious economic crash. 

So, here the solution to the impossible to solve  problem
We-The-People Demand that the money
be put back into the U.S. economy using
debt free money directly from the United States Treasury.

Problem Solved.    Thank you, Mr. President      


Definitions---I i I


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C S 18-06-22

Definitions---J-j-J    K-k-K 



Here's a quote describing our awakening process:  
"This process is called kundalini awakening.  Kundalini is our dormant creator energy that lies dormant at the base of every human being's spine, coiled up like a snake in the root chakra.   As the Earth’s vibration rises and we continue to receive heightened crystalline energies from the galactic center, the sun, the photon belt and the inner Earth; humanity’s kundalinis are being triggered to rise and purify each of our chakras so the kundalini can rise all the way up to the crown chakra where our higher spiritual chakras will activate signaling . . . our holy spirit/christ self to enter into our bodies."

<><><>   <><><>

Definitions---J-j-J    K-k-K



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C S 18-06-22

Definitions  L-l-L  through   R-r-R  



Cabal Criminal

Laundry-List-of-Lies    Laundry-List-of-Lies

The Cabal Criminal Lie Called "Scarcity"
is one of a massive collection of lies and illusions
that are used by the Cabal criminals~
to fool the people and keep humanity in secret slavery.

The other major lies include:
*   That violence solves problems
*  That humans are separate from God,
*  That humans are separate from Nature,
*   That we are separate from our fellow humans,
*  That humans are powerless,
*   That humans are inherently evil sinners,
*   That humans are alone in the universe,
*   That other intelligent civilizations do not exist,
*   That God murdered Jesus as an act of Llove,
*   That the non-physical world in just a useless fairytale,
*   That the physical world is made out of physics stuff,
*  That we live in a single,  external, objective,
     already created physical world
     that we come along and experience,
*   That God does not exist,
*   That God is an angry, fickle,
     mass-murdering super-human being
     who lives in the sky above planet Earth.,
*   That hell is a real physical place
     beneath the surface of the Earth,
*   That if you question church authority,
     you could lose your faith
     and burn in hell forever,
*   That the more you suffer, the closer yu are to God,
*   That the religion you believe in is the only true religion,
     Everybody else's religion is false.
*  it's OK to murder infidels and to commit other crimes
     in support of  your faith
*   There was even a time when the Roman Catholic church was
     selling tickets to heaven, called indulgences.

AND  The Most Powerful, present-Day LIE>
*   That we (all of  humanity)  live outside of
     the Antarctic ice wall
     that surrounds a continent called Antarctica.
   The BIG Surprise
   We are inside of and not outside of that ice wall
   The Antarctic-Ice-Wall-Mystery-Is-Now-Solved.
     This is a False-Belief-Busting disclosure.
     Examine the overwhelming evidence-based truth.
     This Truth will completely shatter
    your  major, false beliefs about our life on Earth.

Also see:
The Six Great Lies and one Amazing Truth

The Lie Called Separation~
The Lie Called Scarcity
The Lie Called Money

The Lie called Violence Solves Problems
The Lie Called Humans Are Powerless Victims
The Lie called Religion and the Lie called Money
One Amazing Truth

Library   Living-Library         Living-Library       L-l-L

A living Library is a place where information is stored
within the DNA of living organisms,
It is only  available  to those who can access the library.
Sex and the Living Library       minute 39:00  to minute 43:00
"Heightened sexual energy sparks the Library Access card.

Llove Is No Longer-a-Four-Letter Word


<><><><>   <><><><>

M-m-M          M-m-M

Mafia          Mafia
The Mafia is an organized international body of criminals,
operating originally in Sicily and
now especially in Italy and the US and
having a complex and ruthless behavioral code.

     "Permit me to issue and control
money of a nation,
      and I care not who makes its laws! "

Mayer Amschel Rothschild
is the
Granddaddy of what, today,
is known as the Cabal banking criminals.

<><><><>   <><><><>

N-n-N        N-n-N....

Normalcy-Bias:    Normalcy-Bias    ...    .....
Normalcy Bias is a belief held,  in the face of
overwhelming evidence to the contrary,
that the way things are 
is the way they will continue to be.  

It's closely related to victim consciousness.  
Normalcy Bias is denying potential problems
and failing to prepare for them.  

In an emergency people with Normalcy Bias
will deny what's happening and simply do nothing.  

As a result, when the predictable problem or disaster shows up,
they will deny their responsibility for lack of preparation
and see themselves as innocent victims
of outside forces that damaged or destroyed their lives. 


Peter-Principle      Peter-Principle
The evidence points to the conclusion that
most third dimension leaders 
have been promoted in their career
until the reach their level of incompetence. 
i.e.  They are incapable of doing their present job
so they are not promoted again,
and there they sit doing a lousy job.

The only way I am presently aware of
as to how to get beyond this problem
is to become a Human Christos 
in Fifth Dimension Consciusness

The Pleiadian video that triggered my Kundalini Awakening. -
YouTube  2:24:14

Thouthts Create


Quantum is he smallest level of existence that we know of
At the quantum level, there is    no time,   no space,     no limits

Wikipedia        Occam's-Razor   
     "Occam's razor  is the problem-solving principle
     that the simplest solution tends to be the right one.
     When presented with competing hypotheses to solve a problem,
      one should select the solution with the fewest assumptions."

     ///   ///




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C S 18-06-22

  S-s-S  through   Z-z-Z 




Definitions---S-s-S        Definitions---S-s-S

measurements of  of quantity, intensity,  magnitude, duration
Often associated with vector which is a direction

Scarcity:                               Scarcity

We define  "scarcity"   as used in our online book,
Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
How to Play The Life on Earth Game 
in 5th D.  Consciousness
It's the first book ever published 
in Fifth Dimension style & format

Scarcity-Defined:       Scarcity-Defined
Shortage,     Lack of abundance,  
Not enough,     Lack of resources.

"If we are to have, someone else must do without.

Scarcity is a Cabal-Created Lie.
The truth About Who You Are  and
The Truth about  What You Are
kills The Great Lie Called Scarcity.
The Death of Scarcity kills money in all of its forms.
The Death of Money is inevitable and unavoidable.
It's Coming  Soon.  
Prepare Yourself for Freedom and Abundance for

Definition of:  Scarcity   
www  Address:

Also see the opposite of Scarcity
Abundance   (Above on this page)
 www Address:

<><><><>   <><><><>

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>
<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

Self-Aware            Self-Aware

To  be self-aware is to have conscious knowledge
     that I exist.      I am aware of
*   my character,    My natural state of being,
*   my internal feelings,
*   my motivations and desires
*   I am aware of  how self fits into
     the contexts in which I/we find ourselves,
*   I am committed to mastering the arts of Allowing,
     Appreciation,     Forgiveness,    and    Point of Focus.
*   I have learned, practice, teach, and live by
     The First Lost Secret of
     The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

*   I am ready for whateverSource-Goddess
     has in store for me, and
*   I eagerly anticipate greater Self-Awareness.
*   Being Self-Aware does NOT mean
    you have mastered full 5th-D Consciousness.
     It means you are committed to
     achieving mastery of 5th-D Consciousness

Sheople:       Sheople
People whose thinking brains are turned off.
They  live in sheep consciousness.
www Address:

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

Schulman Resonance:
Schulman Resonance is the name of a system that measures
frequency in vibrations per secon,.  Hertz /Htz.

Sixth Dimension  6th D.  Landa level
Vibates at 100 to 200 Htz.
     Fifth Dimension  5th D.  Gama level
     Vibrates at 40 to 100 Hts.

Spontaneous-Remission:     Spontaneous-Remission.

Spontaneous Remission is the reversal or cure
of a physical ailment without physical intervention.
It's true cause is a change in consciousness.

Remember, we each live in our own 
Self-created, Self-managed Holograph.
Together, Earth-Humans live in a collective holograph
The Collective holograph made up of
billions of personal holographs.

Here are some examples of
The Physics of Consciousness in action:
*   See the work of Joe Dispenza
*   Se the work of Richard Bartlett  
     Matrix Energetics.

*   Numerous times in the Christian Bible Jesus said:
"Your faith has made you whole."
He also told us that,
anything He did, we can do and more.
Many humans have already demonstrated
their self-healing powers 
They knowingly or unknowingly applied
a change of consciousness
to their particular physical ailment.

Our Human-body-healing-God-Powers
have been intentionally miss-labeled
and played down by the evil ones.
Human, self-healing-power has been pooh-poohed
Intentionally miss-labeled as Spontaneous Remission

and then simply ignored

<><><><>   <><><><>
Definitions  T-t-T      T-t-T

Teaching / Teach / Teacher

"Telepathy is information that is transmitted
though the soul to another’s soul.
It is received by way of the heart by wave frequencies.
It will not be represented through the word
because words provide you limited comprehension or knowledge.
Telepathy is used by beings that are
much more advanced in consciousness.

Compare Third-Dimension With Fifth-Dimension

Third-Dimension      Third-Dimension
..    ....    ...

Most Earth-Hu
mans are still  living in
the Third Dimension Consciousness.
It is a system of
mind-controlled slavery 
bases upon
scarcity, greed, money, 
service to self, and
separation from God,
separation from nature,
separation from our fellow humans.    
><><>   . 


Deception -- The Ultimate Weapon,  
Page Two  The Invisible Prison  
Deception - The Ultimate Weapon of War
Criminal-Cabal, Secret Corporate Control System.

Third-Dimension   Third-Dimension
Third Dimension     Third_Dimension

The Third Dimension is Based Upon Fear.
3d functions in the future and in the past --   Worry  &  Regret. 
Words and phrases describing the Third-Dimension:
3d is controlled by evil ones.
The Cabal system is ompletely in service to self
NO  Compassion,   No Llove.  
Weaponized truths  --  Withholding Truths   Inserting lies,
Separation  --  From God, from Nature, from Fellow Humans,
Genetic Structure manipulation  -- 
     Reduce from twelve-strand DNA   to two- strand DNA
Human are powerlessness 
-Must beg for favorer from  an angry fickle vengeful
      anthropomorphic God  who live in the sky
Hierarchy of control  --  Highly structured.
Everything is Black or white   good or bad,  
right or wrong,  Nothing in between,
Domination  --  External power and control
Negative Emotions  -- Fear, anger, guilt,, shame, 
 produce food for the evil ones.
Mind-Control  --  lies, illusions, false beliefs, twisted truths
                    manipulating of human consciousness,
False mental programming  --  Not worthy,  Not good enough
Mindlessness  --  Smart enough to work,  Too stupid to think
Scarcity  --  If I am to have others must do without.
Money  --  The False, Fake, Fraud-God Called Money
Violence  --  Violence solved problems
Force, punish mistakes, intimidation, bribery, blackmail
Intentional  destruction,
Weaponized food, water, medicine, and health care
Mental conditioning includes:
     Fear,    resistance,  chaos,    uncertainty,
     Self-Doubt, Self-Judgment, I don't know how,
     What if,    If only . . .   Scarcity,  The Absense of . . .
     Unfulfilled needs, want,  
     I have to, I must, but I can't,
      fear of being judged, put down, or ridiculed.
     Self image is based on approval of others,
     What will they think / say.?
Pushing emotion, struggling  for   orfrom,
Worry  --  Fear of the future
Regret  --  Shouldn't  have done it.   Should have done it.
cold, hard, ridged,
highly structured
Deception  --  The Ultimate Waapon of War.~   
.....   ...

Time and Timelines


To transfer a pattern from one context to another context

Ubiquitous   Synonyms for Ubiquitous
     Omnipresent   Universal    Pervasive
     Global    Abundant    Permeating


Value-Versus-Price:      Value-Versus-Price

Question:   Why are Your $1,500 Per-Session
     Coaching Services
     offered on a simple, donation basis?

Answer:   *1   Because our job is to demonstrate
      the vast difference between Value and Price.

*2   In the Fifth Dimension, value is  internal, in our hearts.
*3    Price is in the third dimension world of lies and illusions
      It's a Cabal  a criminal-create control tool
     designed  to keep humansin secret slavery.
*4   Because in the new Service to All Social Structure,
      Scarcity will disappear,
*   In a society of Abundance for All,
     money is  valueless, useless, unnecessary,
     and dead, Dead.  DEAD.!

Question:    If you do not up front
sell your services for money,
people will not recognize your value.

Answer:   We teach Fifth Dimension Consciousness.
When we all reach 5th-D. Consciousness,
money will no longer be used.  
We will have created so much wealth
that scarcity will cease to exist. 
When that happens ,
money will become useless and hold no value.

We will have to find value where it really is,
*   in our hearts,
*   in our Llove,
*   in our Compassion,
*   in our sharing,
*   in our caring.
*   In the great joy that comes from being of service.

None of these values are found out there anywhere
 in the external physical world.
At some level of income, one's worldly cup
becomes comfortably full
Beyond that ,money is only an ego enhancer
Many people are quite literally addicted to making money.
Are you aware that
making large amounts of money

snorting cocaine

have the same affect on the human brain.

Are you aware that Earth-humanity
is the only civilization in the entire galaxy
that uses money.

Question:  How do we reach Fifth Dimension Consciousness
Answer:   The path to The Spectacular
is so incredibly simple that most people don't yet see it.

Question::    Your right. I don't see it yet.
Show me, please.

Answer:   Learn,    practice,    live by,    teach 
share,   and     experience
the great joy in
The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove


Victim-Consciousness             Victim-Consciousness
A person with victim consciousness
denies his or her self-responsibility.
According to the universal laws of consciousness,
our experiences are all self-created.

When something in their lives doesn't work,
some people turn on victim consciousness
and blame someone or something
"out there somewhere" for their problems.

Some just give up and resign themselves to beliefs like: 
"It's impossible."  "It's inevitable."  
"It can't be any other way."     

When we realize What and Who we are,
victim Consciousness disappears






The Lie Called  
Humans Are Powerless Victims

This lie states that:  
Human beings are powerless and
are at the effect of all those things
they experiences outside of him or her self.  
It's part of the lie that those things and situations
that a human experiences were created
by something or someone other than themselves.     

The Truth Is:  
That to believe this lie, we have to forget
who and what we are. 
It's a denial of our power  to create by thought.  
Here is who and what you are: 

You are much more than a  physical body.  
You and I and everyone else, are
all part of a
Single, Unified Whole.   

We are each
Eternal   (timeless)  
Invisible   (to the human eyes)
 (mobile / alive)
Spiritual  God-Beings
experiencing the illusion called
physical reality.  

We are having a
Human experience   (in a)
Physical/Holographic Body
Here on Earth
(in a)
Holographic Universe



There are no victims,
only unconscious creators.   
Being a victim is a  choice.  
Usually its an unconscious choice.  






C S 18-06-22




When something happens or
when someone says or does something,
there is a strong tendency to
have an emotional response and then
make up a story about what it means.

The story commonly has absolutely nothing to do with
the incident, the words spoken, or the action taken.

A common made up story  is that
the words spoken, or the  action taken means
something to the receiver of your message.
The story I remember from women is
"You don't care."  
"You don't Llove me."

In this author's experience,
this is commonly a function of insecurity / low self-esteem
of the story 's creator.




C S 18-06-22





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      Llove,  Freedom,  and  Consciousness 
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       Llove Is Not a Four-Letter Word   

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Llove,  Freedom,  and  Consciousness  are the three keys of Creation.  
Whatever the question is, Llove is always part of the answer.    






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