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This is  new website 
It's still under construction.  

Describing  Our Vision    Our Mission     Our Intent   is complete.,  

Adding content to this site is in its early stages.







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Fifth Dimension, People to People, Connection Services     
Home Page

           Why We Are Here
           What We Are NOT Here For
           Describing the Conditions and Circumstances
           Huge Differences Between  3d and 5d
           Compare Service to Self with Service to All

Our Vision   Our Mission Statement
Vision/ Mission Page

           Our Vision Our Mission   
           The Money-Generating Aspects    
           Fifth Dimension Sexual Ecstasy  

           CLI-Connection Sex   

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People to People Connections -
Page Two  

           Structures and Formats
           What Is the Cost
           New Sources of Fifth Dimension Information 

           The Best of the Best Online

           Send Us New Links      

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People to People Connections -
Page Three

           Compare Relationships -- Third D  to  Fifth D     


           Open For Business  

           5d Commitment What Does That Mean      

           Startup Funding      
           How to Participate      

           Earth as a Living Library of Cosmic Knowledgey
           Unification of the 144,000 Warriors of Light  

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Looking for People of Like Mind
Like Mind 

           Page Summary
           Ways to Find Others of Like-Mind     
           5d Compatibility Is Becoming Critical   

          What Kind of Relationship are you looking for?       
           Telling The World About YOU!      
           First Contact   

           Safety and Precautions      

           Example of an Online Profile   
           How to add yourself to this list

            Listing Index -- People Seeking to Meet Other 5d People

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What Are Our Priorities     Website Priority      FahZoom Home Priority

Teaching Style - 5d Teaching Style           

5d Books  ---   Our Style and Format~

Site Map    The listings    Website Content  
Site Map     

How to Become Listed      How to participate  in  Service to All

Meet the Creator of this Website            





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Abraham - Hicks

Adventures In Consciousness        Book Content

A I   (Non-Physical)  Artificial Intelligence

Antarctica     Category

Appreciation and Gratitude

Artificial Intelligence  AI.~

Ascension Consciousness       Category  
     Life Is a Game  
      Also see:    Guides    Teachers    Way-showers
      Also See:   Non-Physical Sources of information

A    a  A  

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Beyond Disclosure with Sabrina and Sterling   
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Big Bang - Another Perspective     New theory     Not a link page

The BIG LIE Exposed~


Business and Business Services       
      Products and Services - Local Only   
      Products and Services - Any Location         

B  b  B    

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Chakra System      Category 
      Partial List of Content:  
            Seven Chaka Sex

Celebrations of Llove --  That's  What's Next?
         What's Next Our List of Priorities 

Cellphones    See:  WI-FI Is Poison to Your Brain

Coaching  Counseling   Consulting     Category    

Coming Soon
5d Consciousness Events-Coming Soon

Contact List!  18-04-12     

Consciousness      Category     

Conscious Christianity      3d Religion meets Universal Spirituality

Consensus   Mediation  Problem Solving

Corporate Control System      Category    Update Page Content     086

Cosmic Transformations   See:   Ascension Consciousness

Contact us   

Connect the Dots    086

Crystalline Grid -- Crystalline Body      


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DNA    See   Innate

Donations   How and Where to Send Us Your Donations



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Early Childhood Learning

Earth Changes~

Earth -- Is It  Flat or Round
      What does the evidence tell us? 

Entertainment Industry~   


Understand that it exists.   DO NOT dwell on it.

Evil Exposed   Deception as a weapon of War



R. R.


False Flag    

Fifth Dimension People to People Connection Services
         TLC-Life-Center provides a website
         where people who are
         or choose to become
         fifth dimension beings
         can connect with others of like mind.    

5d Awareness Individuals 

5d Organizations

5d Consciousness Events-Coming Soon

5d Teaching Style


Flat Earth Forum~

Flat Earth or Round Earth
      What does the evidence tell us?   
      See:   The Big Lie

Films  Videos  


R. R.


Galactic   Category        
      ET's      Roswell    UFO  
      ***   Galactic Civilizations

Game -- How to play th Game called Life

Gardening   Plants   Trees

Gay and Lesbian     Category 

Glossary   Find Topics by Keywords

God-Finding-God    Finding Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess

Gratitude and Appreciation

Guides    Teachers    Way-showers
      Also  see:   Ascension Consciousness    
      Also See:   Non-Physical Sources of information



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Health and Healing     Mutable Categories

Hemp, the Suppressed and Ignored Gold Mine~

History         Category

Hemp          Category

Holographics  --  Holographic Illusions

Human History

Hybrid Children


R. R.

   I-i-I               J-j-J  


In Box     In-Bokzx     Potential Listings Found but Still Unexamined            299

Index  Keywords / Glossary
Glossary   Find Topics by Keywords~

Individuals offering Counseling, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy,etc.

Information Sources  
                 Wikipedia Foundation~
                 Galactic Connections Blog~

             Innate      Category   
      Subconscious Mind Programming - Shifting Your Reality

Interview Programs on www         Interview   Programs ,


Journeys into Consciousness

I  &  J  

R. R.


           Keywords / Glossary
Glossary   Find Topics by Keywords

K k K  

R. R.



Llove -- The Seven Lost Secres of Llove

Llove, Sex, and Cosmic Connections

Llove  ---  What's Next?        Celebrations of Llove are next

         Our List of Priorities  Our next Steps  

Legal    Law    What is right

Life - How to Play the game Called Life    

L  l  L  

R. R.


Manifesting in fifth dimension Consciousness

Maps and Locations~

Masters of Business functioning in  Service to All Consciousness

Matrix Energetics

Matrix-Reality       See:   Reality-Matrix

Media Main stream and Alternatives~


Metaphysical / Spiritual Organizations    See:  5d Awareness Groups 
Reality - What is the Nature of Reality

Microwave   See:   WI-FI Is Poison to Your Brain

Mind-Altering Medicine
      Psilocybin  (Magic Mushrooms)
      Silence and Meditation


Miscellaneous Topics     

Money and Addiction to Making Money

Moon - About the Earth's Moon 

            Music and Other Sound Vibrations:            


Join  the 5d Music Library at: 
      5dConnections-Music Library~

Music  Categories   +  Sounds  

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"One of the most popular metaphors, in fact, is borrowed from the computer sciences and which sees the mind as analogous to a software that runs on top of a hardware (or wetware)–the brain."   

M  m  M  

R. R.


Nature and Environment

Non-Physical Sources of information    Category

Numerology     Category  

Nutrition Products~


N  n  N  

R. R.




Require: Physical Assistance with  ___.

Participate in:   a local, Home-Grown Community Garden~

Find:   People, Places, Physical Things, Situations

Share:   a new idea related to  Service to All~     


R. R.


Outreach Messages

O  o  O  

R. R.



Patreon    And Other Funding Sources

People Seeking to Meet Other 5d People -- Listing Index


Physics and Science of Consciousness    Category 

Matrix Energetics

Pleiaidians   Galactic Civilization

Pleiaidian Messages

Pineal Gland  Opening 3rd Eye      Category 

Priorities:     What's Next?      Celebrations of Llove are next
         Our List of Priorities  Our next Steps  

Prison:  The-Invisible-Prison

Products for 5d people

Potential Inclusions     
In Box     In-Bokzx     Potential Listings Found but Still Unexamined


P p P

R. R.




Q q Q  

R. R.


Radiation       See:   WI-FI Is Poison to Your Brain


Romance and Sex
Sensual Delights Network

Relationships or Fantasy trips

Round Earth or Flat Earth
      What does the evidence tell us?        


R. R.


Sasaani  Galactic Civilization

The Science of Technology~

Self Worth - Self Image  Worthy and Deserving

Sensual Delights Network     Category

Service to Self replaced by Service to All

Sex     Sacred Sensuality     Sacred Sexuality
Sensual Delights Network     Category

Shot Stories~

Site Map 

Sleep and Dreaming

Solfeggio Frequencies   Solfeggio Sounds

Sound Vibrations   See Music  

South Pole:  See Antarctica

Stories and Story Lines 

Strange Truths  What is True?  What Isn't?

Subconscious Mind Programming - Shifting Your Reality   
      aka  Innate 



R. R.


Talk Shows on www     See    Interview Programs on www

Teachers  See:    Guides    Teachers    Way-showers
      Also  see:   Ascension Consciousness    
      Also See:   Non-Physical Sources of information

Teaching Style - 5d Teaching Style

Third Dimension Religion meets Universal Spirituality  
Conscious Christianity

Thoughts and Thinking   


R. R.


Underground  Tunnels and Structures

Universal Laws    Category

Universal Spirituality

Universal Spirituality meets 3d Religion  
Conscious Christianity


R. R.



Videos and Literature   


V v V  

R. R.


Waking Up -- The Transition from 3d to 5d

War of Consciousness~

Way-Showers  See:    Guides    Teachers    Way-showers
      Also  see:   Ascension Consciousness    
      Also See:   Non-Physical Sources of information

Wedding Minister Services  in Fifth Dimension Consciousness

We-The-People ~

What's Next?        Celebrations of Llove are next

What Are Our Priorities     Website Priority      FahZoom Home Priority

WI-FI Is Poison to Your Brain    

Worthy and Deserving     Self Worth - Self Image


W w W    

R. R.

   X  Y  Z  

Yoga Sadhguru    

Zone    Vortex Zone


X Y Z    




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Fifth Dimension  People to People  Connection Services 

Site Map  

Content Listed Alphabetically 




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