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The Big Bang  - 
Another Perspective 




R. R.

   Setting the Stage   


Remember  the attributes, the characteristics, the nature of
the  Contexts we find ourselves in:

We are all in this game together
because we are all parts and pieces of
The One Single, Unified, Complete Wholeness.   

We are All eternal, non-physical God-Beings.  

Everything we are experiencing or
that we recall having experienced
is all taking place in a holographic illusion.  

We are Great Creators.  
We have the power to change our present experience
for another more to our liking.  




R. R.

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Setting the Stage

The Big Bang  --  Another Perspective   

Inside-Out   Upside Down   and   Backwards     

Playing Life Consciously

Origin Purpose and Destiny of The Earth Game      




R. R.

   The Big Bang -- Another Perspective  


Here's a perspective that you might choose to consider as a possibility.

Why did creator create what we call The Big Bang

First realize that
what we have been told by others
about the Big Bang is
not fact, its theory ,
it's theory that has been peddled to us
as if it were a fact.  

Second Realize that
those in control of the telling are
sick, child-raping, mass murdering
pathological liars.  

<><><>   <><><>

The New Perspective:
Source Creator took part of Herself and
divided that part of her into a gazillion, gazillion pieces 
with the intention of those pieces
gathering themselves back together and
eventually be back together as the signal unified whole.  

In the reunification process,
the pieces, that us, you and me and
the gazillion gazillion other pieces of God,
are hold God's powers of Creation.

We were set out to play in a holographic reality and
create whatever we individually and as groups-collectively
chose to be, do, have, express, and experience
along our way back home to conscious unity as
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.  

In the process,  the piece (that's us),  
we engage in
Self Exploration,
Self Fulfillment/
Self Gratification

The process is one of
the pieces of Source/Prime-Creator
to create however and whatever we choose. 
This unique new ability is called:
*   Free Will, 
*   Freedom to Chose, 
*   Freedom be, do, have, express, and experience,
*   Freedom from the control of anything beyond ourselves.

The yet to be answered question include:
*   What will us Mini-Gods become?
*   What will us Mini-Gods create?  
*   What greater joys will us mini-Gods create
*   What will us Mini-Gods learn. 
*   How will this expand Source/ Creator's Consciousness?

Remember Einstein's Comment about God throwing dice,
well, apparently  we are the  dice-throwing Gods and Goddesses.
that Einstein tapped into.  

For centuries, the awareness-expansion game
had very few players.  
Today, November, 2017,the number is in
at least in the hundreds of thousands range,
perhaps in the millions  or maybe even in
the multi-millions.

The rate of expansion of human conscious awareness
is rapidly accelerating at an exponential rate

The Bottom Line:
We have reached the point where
success at this next level of unification
is all but absolutely guaranteed, however,
the success of this present path (timeline) to that success
is still at the level of well-informed peculation.    

The Theory:
Us God-Beings are intending to unite ourselves
back into The Consciousness of Unity?

What Evidence Supports This Possibility

Granted ,the evidence is still circumstantial,
but so are the commonly accepted,
Cabal-peddled  beliefs.

Consider these factors:
Llove is the primary evidence.
Everything appears to be based on Llove. 

The constant striving and searching
for connections and  
The urges to make connections 
are physical expression of Llove.

One of our natural, human tendencies 
is to want to be of service.   
Human are social animals.   
Humans are naturally kind, caring, and compassionate.~

Millions of people have risked their live to save others,
some even make a career of this, 
Firemen are clear example of service to others.  

Society is shifting from service to self to Service to All.




R. R.

   Inside-Out   Upside-Down   and   Backwards  


Our Earth plane reality has been hijacked by evil beings.   
Notice that in this third dimension game we are presently in,
we were taught life-controlling lies.   
These lies are  the opposite of  all the Great Truths.  

Do NOT dwell on the Cabal    or    their lies.
If you believe any of them, 
learn the truth and move on.  
If you require assistance, read our websites.  
Begin at:  
If you need more, our
coaching and consulting services are available.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

The Lie:  
We ere taught that the world
was made of physical stuff that was

that we come along and experienced
The Truth:  
Everything is Pure Consciousness

<><><>   <><><>

The Lie:  
We ere taught that we were
separate from God,
separate from nature, and
separate from each other.  
The Truth:
Everything is Part of a Single Unified Whole
Also see 

<><><>   <><><>

The Lie:
We were taught that we were our physical bodies,
that when our body died, we went to heaven or hell forever.
The Truth  
Humans Are Eternal God-Beings

<><><>   <><><>

The Lie:   
We were taught that we live in
an external physical world made of physical stuff.    
We were aught that anything and everything
that was not physical was meaty a false fairytale.    

The Truth:  
We Live in a non-physical, Holographic Universe

<><><>    <><><>

The Lie:  
We were taught that we were
powerless, inherently-evil sinners
that must grovel in the mud  and
beg God for favors and/or forgiveness.
The Truth:
Humans Are Great Creators

<><><>   <><><>

We Live in a Thinking person's Universe    
This principle was completely ignored

The Universal Law of Returns

This law has been severely distorted to mean that
if you sinned (violated church-dictated laws)
and did not get forgiven by the church and
make amends like saying prayers,
giving goods, money or services to the church, or
buying indulgences, you would burn in hell forever.  

The Five Great Lies:       
The Lie of Separation  
The Lie of Scarcity   
The Lie called Money    
The Lie that Violence solves problems   
The Lie that Humans  are powerless victims   

More Lies  
There are dozens of additional lies. 
We'll list some of them here:    

The Lie Called    If it's Not Physical,  It's Not Real.  
The Lie Called    God Demands Worship and Obedience.  
The Lie Called    The Denial of Reincarnation.   
The Lie Called    Heaven and Hell Are Real, Physical Places.     
The Lie Called    Original Sin.   
The Lie Called    A Lie of Omission Is Not a Lie.   
The Lie Called    What I want is impossible. 
                              What is is inevitable.   It can't be any other way.  
                              Life Sucks and then you die.  





  Playing Life Consciously  

We are made of God-Consciousness.  
We, as consciousness,
have the potential to control the game,  
to consciously play Life on Earth.  

We can be conscious players. 
Remember the laws mentioned above. 

We are actually God-Beings and Great Creators,.

We are the creators,
the directors, the doers, and the experiencers.  
Until now, we have been living unconsciously and
under the control of the evil ones.

We are NOT the Game.   
We are players in the game.   
To play the game  consciously,
we realize that we are inside of the game. 
Actually we are presently living in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's  
multi-sensory Holograph.

We play the game in either of two ways.
We play as an observer or
we plying as the active player.

When we came in this Earth life
we had to forget everything.

Why are we here? 
There are two answers. 
One, for fun   for entertainment to lean
two, to participate in the process of eliminating the evil ones.  




R. R.


The Origin Purpose and Destiny of The Earth Game
Why Create Physicality?
"Because it provides extremely interesting and formative experiences
that drive the evolution of consciousness."

"The good news is that the stimulus
has reached critical mass and
we are entering a period of rapid and great change —
a period of great transformation in ourselves and our world."






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The Gig Bang - Another perspective 


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