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A I  =  Non-Physical
Artificial Intelligence    




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At this time, December 2017,
humanity is facing still another major challenge. 

That challenge is coming from
the Cabal's crash course, top priority effort
to save themselves from extinction 
by creating artificial intelligence that
has the capacity to overpower and destroy humanity.  
What the Cabal beings don't realize is that
they are also mindless, mind-controlled slaves.

***   The Cabal Criminal leaders are
        genetically altered quasi-human beings,  
        mostly men and a few women.
        They look human, but they are mindless psychopathic,
         heartless, emotionless, satanic pedophiles,
        child-rapists, child-murderers, and mass-murderers.   
         Many of them are blood drinkers
         and some are even cannibals.  

A I  is an immediate threat, and
if we don't stop its creation now,
it will reach a point where it is too late to stop it.  
This is a major wake up kick in the ass 
It must be addressed immediately.  

Here's the context in as few words as possible:
***   Cabal Criminals are still running
         most of humanity's  social, political,
         business, religious, and financial structures.  
         They also still control the mainstream media,
         TV, radio, newspapers, magazines,
         YouTube and the Internet..

***   Their secret control structures  have been discovered
         and  are being systematically dismantled.
         They and their control system are doomed.   

The Cabal leaders are totally under the mind control of
a species of off planet beings known as the Lizzerdz

The Lizzerdz, in turn, are controlled by
non-physical, artificial intelligence. 
These A I beings are the same crew that has
kept humanity in secret slavery
for the past 13.000 to 30,ooo years    




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AI Driven Mainstream Media Part 1 - YouTube   14:41

AI Driven Mainstream Media Part 2
[VIDEO] Galactic Connection   10:50
AI Driven Mainstream Media Part 2 January 24, 2018 by Daniel Christopherson This Article: None. Received via Email Part 1 can be found here: Daniel’s Facebook Page:…

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Simon Parkes describes the  A.I. challenge: 
Minute 13:00 to minute 27:20

Russian President Putin
warned us about this seriousness of this challenge.

Linda Moulton Howe
There Are Incredible Things Going on Underground
Find report of Putin's warning at minute 1:02:30     to    minute1:04:35

Same warning from Elon Musk, owner and CEO of  Tesla and Space X
1:05:00    1:06:24







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