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R. F.  18-04-01R. F.  18-04-01

The Schoolroom Globe Pictured Above


               Is a Fraud !

An extensive, seven-year, independent, research project
was conducted by the cooperative effort of
several ,highly-skilled, research teams. 
They used state of the art equipment. 
They conducted a multitude of scientific tests
to determiner the shape of the Earth.

As you probably already know,
they have  proven with absolute certainty that  
The Oceans, the Lakes,
All Waters on Earth Are Flat!
The Earth, itself,  is Flat,
The evidence is  so overwhelming
that it is irrefutable
Convex Earth - The Documentary

Foster Gamble and a complexly different set of Scientists~
have determined that all structures
in the entire Universe, large or small,
all are in the form of a torus        

Exactly what the Earth looks like
from outer space is still a guess.  
It probably appears as round,

Still another team of researchers
have provided powerful evidence
that we live in an Electric Universe.

A call to Scientists:
Can you prove or disprove this hypothesis:
What we call gravity is  actually
the electro-magnetic energy of the torus field

that surrounds planet Earth?   





R. F.  18-04-01




                      Is this the torus field of a human body

                         Is this the torus field of planet Earth

      *   Please prove or disprove this hypothesis: 

With both Flat Earth~  and Torus Energy field~
having been confirmed,
we offer this hypothesis and
requests that it be proven or disproven.
What we call gravity is  actually
the electro-magnetic energy of the torus field?

Please note that at minute 1:09:04 to minute 1:09;44   in the
Convex Earth - The Documentary

their graphics is in perfect harmony with this theory.

Their websites:  (Spanish)
and   (English) 

Convex Earth –
More than theories definitive proofs of the real shape of earth




R. F.  18-04-01




*   There is much that we do not yet know.
*   Here is some of what we do know. 
     (i.e. Here is our present, overall Context~)

*   Human Consciousness has been hijacked by evil beings.
*   We (all of humanity) are in a Mind-Control-War!
*   Most humans still live in an invisible prison
     The prison was created and
     is still being controlled be evil beings.

*   The genetically-altered humans,
     knows as the Cabal    (Clintons, Bush Family, etc.)
     are the mind-controlled soldiers in this war.

*   The super-wealth 
(i.e. the genetically-altered humans that we never see)
     are the next level of controllers.
*   A.I.  (Artificial Intelligence)
     are the controllers of consciousness manipulators.

*   We break out of the invisible prison,
     first by recognizing that we are in prison.
*   Our job is to recognize that
     Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
     is the ultimate controller in this game.

*   The purpose of the game is
     the expansion of God-Consciousness.
*   The game is rigged.  
     The dice are loaded. 
     The cards re marked.
Our eventual success is guaranteed.

At some point, enough humans will wake up
to trigger the Hundredth Monkey Affect.~  
When that happens, the power of evil will be gone and
our job, as newly awakened God-Beings,
is to create a brand new physical reality,
a physical reality that has never existed before. 

Keep in mind that what we call physically real
is simply one of Source/ Creators technics
for expanding consciousness
and for experiencing our selves
in another way, in another  context.
In this simply a context, in which ,
we, as God-beings, experience ourselves.
It's as equally as real as any other perception of consciousness.

The trials and tribulations we are going through
are part of a natural, evolutionary, Cosmic Cycle. 
According to Kryon, (Channeled by Lee Carroll)
humanity has failed at achieving group consciousness
four times before.
This time, we have reached
sufficient critical mass consciousness
to proceed t to he next step.

More pieces in the puzzle:
*   The Non-physical portion of reality
        has been kept hidden from most of humanity.  

*   Whatever  is    at/ in/on/ under/ or  beyond    Antarctica
        is still intentional being kept hidden from We-The-People.
        When we learn the truth about what is there,.  
        this will be the third major lie to be exposed. 
        When that  happens,
        humanity will make another huge leap in consciousness.

*   When viewed from the Earth's surface, The Earth is flat.~
*   When viewed from outer space, the Earth will most likely
        appears to be round.  

*   The Earth's physical structure is a Torus,~
but we still don't know what that means.  

*   Is what we call Gravity simply the Torus field energy?
     That's the logical, yet to be proven conclusion

*   We Live in an Electric Universe

*   The Universe is teaming with life. 
     At some point, humanity will be invited
     to re-join the Galactic Family

*   Everything begins with consciousness.
*   The Physics of Consciousness tells us that
     *   Everything is part of a Single unified Whole.~    
     *   Humans are eternal, non-physical God-Beings.~ 
     *   We live in Source Creator/God-Goddess's
          Holographic Universe.~  
      *   Humans are Great Creators.~   
      *   We create by thinking.~  
     *   The observer (i.e. consciousness)  affects that which is observed.

The above is our new We-The-People matrix.  
The Earthly format (our collective social structure)
it will grow into 
is presently  being self-created.
It's growing out of our collective God-Consciousness.  
This is called Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

With the above as the Context we find ourselves in,
our next step is to re-evaluate our situation
and look for viable action plans.      




R. F.  18-04-01




Now that we have proven that the Earth's surface is flat,
we begin an intensive investigation
regarding  the physical aspect of reality.
What is a torus structure and how does it function? 
How does our  flat earth fit into the torus?

What more can we learn about
how the non-physical side of reality functions?

What previously hidden technology can we begin  applying
to our selves, individually and collectively?      





R. F.  18-04-01




What To Do
We now know what to do in order to best be of service:
Learn The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
Immediately begin applying them to your life.

The Fourth Lost Secret of Llove
involves simultaneously fulfilling
two of the main human desires,
the desire to feel good and
the desire to be of service to others.


What NOT To Do:
Those making a big deal of telling us about what is wrong
are unconscious supporting and feeding evil.
They are doing everyone a huge disservice because  
They have not yet learned the rules of reality.  

The Universal Law of Attraction
tells us that
when you focus your attention on what's wrong,
you gives the evil ones
your vibrational-power-of-creation.   
Focusing on what's wrong amplifies what's wrong and
brings more of what's wrong in physical reality. 

Their focus of attention is  pushing our physical world 
in Exactly the opposite direction
from that which you really want it to go.

Don't believe this. 
Don't disbelieve it, either.  
Examine the evidence.   
Examine  The physics of Consciousness.~   

We suggest you begin with
The Seven Lost Secretes of Llove.






R. F.  18-04-01



We are in a war
for the control of human Consciousness
In this war,
beliefs, and
your points-of-attention
are the tools of Light and
the Weapons of Darkness.

The Universal Law of Attraction tell us that
we get more of whatever we focus our attention on.

Stop Focusing on What's Wrong!
Why?   Because the Universal Law of attraction tells us that
what we focus on today
creates what we experience in our future.

Focusing on what's wrong brings more of what is wrong.

Secrecy is another word form of  a lie of omission.     





R. F.  18-04-01





Flat Earth Wake-Up Campaign

Our intention here is to inspire people
to look at the horizon over an ocean
(or large lake) and realize that:
the Earth actually is flat.

Becoming aware of this simple piece of truth
will be a significant step
in waking people up and
releasing us from the rest of the Cabal lies.

Vision is a powerful tool for  altering human consciousness.  
One of our jobs is to change the meaning of what we see
when we look at an ocean horizon

When you look at the ocean or large lake horizon,
such as what is seen in the above picture,
we see a long, flat line
what message does
your childhood programming belief system   tell you?

A huge percentage of  humans avoid questions like: 
       Why does the horizon looks flat when
we all know that the Earth is round

It looks flat, but I know that is just an illusion. 
Because the Earth is actually round. 
I learned that in grammar school.  

Your teachers were not lying to you. 
They were just telling you what they learned
when they were young children.
Are you ready to throw this lie out of your belief system


There are two significant benefits for acknowledging
that the Earth is actually flat:

****   Acknowledging the Earth as flat tells us that
someone wanted us to believe this huge lie. 

***   A flat Earth tells us that the universe has a conscious creator.  
This opens the door to the previously ignored  invisible world.

Some of us ask questions like:    
Who is lying to us?
Why are they lying? 

They are lying to us
because we are in a war
for the control of Human Consciousness.
In any and every third dimension war,
but, lies are limited to  3d consciousness. 

Here's one of the Cabal's hidden secrets:
When you understand Fifth dimension consciousness,
Nothing and nobody can lie to you.  

Our goal is to inspire people to ask questions,
to wake up to realize the universal truths 
that have been hidden from humanity for centuries. 

What you may not yet realize is that
Truth Defeats Deception,  Every Time!

Here is the Ultimate TRUTH
You are an eternal non-physical God-Being.
Your Godhood is the Ultimate Universal Cosmic Power.
Learn this truth to the level of complete and absolute knowing
and  you become
A Free and Sovereign, Cosmic, God-Being.

Here's how to get there
from where you presently are:
               Learn, study, understand, and live by
               The Seven Lost Secretes of Llove    
It's actually that simple.         







R. F.  18-04-01

Trash the Round-Earth- Globe 


School Classroom-False-Image-Globe:
Invite educators to take this
false round globe out of the educating system   


Do this with Zero Confrontations.  
To those who refuse to comply,
simply ask: 
Why do you insist on teaching our children a lie?

Bring their refusal to the attention of other parents.
Zero Confrontations!.  
Zero negative emotions!

Llove is the solution: 
To those who hold onto the lie, DO NOT get angry!  
Send them Llove.
Because evil lives on
the low vibration energy of fear, anger, etc.
Stop feeding them.  

Sending them Llove
is like putting dog turds in their punch bow.   

Another great advantage of using this technique
is that it exposed evil's  Secret Control System.     




R. F.  18-04-01

Flat Earth  




Where wil his truth lead us.

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