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The Evidence Tells Us
The Earth is
Round and Flat 




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What Doss the Evidence Tell Us?
We live is Source/Creator/ God-Goddess's 
Holographic Universe
In a Holograph, if one perception of reality is right,
that does not make another perception of reality wrong.   

Who is Hiding the Evidence?   
Why are there so many lies and liars?

Some of The Cabal Lies Peddled to the People:    
*   The big bang and evolution explains everything.
*   You and everything else are all an accident on nature.  
*    Physical reality is all there is.
*   There is no God, no creator.  
*    Some people are more valuable than others.

What else are they lying about? 
When we look a little closer, we see
a group of mind-altered, quasi humans
who are sadistic, pathological liars and pedophiles
going to extreme measures to hide the evidence.

And what are they claiming? 
That the Earth is round ONLY! 
But we have strong evidence
supporting both a round Earth
and strong evidence
a flat Earth.

If the Earth is flat
that would indicate the existence of a creator.
If the Earth is both flat and round
that would also indicate the existence of a creator.

Those whose intention is to keep us as
mind-controlled slaves
do NOT want us to realize the truth.  
When you examine The Physics of Consciousness
(i.e. How the Universe Functions)
You realize truths that immediately
break the mind control programming.  

Have you heard these words before:
"Know the truth and the truth will set you free."

At this time, there are three major players in this debate. 
There are:
*   the Cabal, pathological liars,
*   the mind-manipulated fundamentalist Christians and
*   those seeking the truth based upon what the evidence tells us.

Without full evidence, we can only speculate.   
The best guess is that the Earth is both round and flat,
round when viewed from the external galaxy perspective,
and flat when viewed from the perspective of 
a human living on the Earths surface.  

And remember, both perspectives are
holographic projections in a holographic universe.

The Bottom Line:  
The evidence points to the conclusion  that 
the Earth  (and everything else) 
is whatever you perceive it to be.     

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The Evidence Tells Us The Earth is Round and Flat 


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